Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Beginning

               October 21, 2010 marks the day of a new chapter in my life. On this day, my blog will begin, and hopefully I will be able to update my blog every now and then. I know that I am not a great writer, anyhow, I just want to write my personal experiences. It's always nice to look back on past things in our lives, and I think blogging is one way to reminisce the past. 

               Blogging for me is also therapeutic. I write whenever I feel down or, when I am happy ( but mostly when i'm sad). I love blog hopping, the first few blogs that I was able to browse were,,,, and And I must say, seeing updates from these blogs somehow makes my day. And now, here I am, trying to fit in this wonderful and fun world of blogging. 

               This blog will feature my personal experiences ( naughty experiences at that!). If you have any comments, suggestions, or violent reactions..............feel free to comment on my blog. jeje.


  1. a new baby blogger on town!

    hey welcome and thanks for following my blog!

    we are excited to read from you...

  2. wow... thank you very much... that's a lot coming from someone i've been following for some time now... hehe

  3. wow ha nosebleed ako sayo ateng. hehehe!
    nagbabasa pa lang yan ha.

    tnx nga pala sa pagdaan sa blog ko. tingin ko magkakasundo tayo. same taung newbie eh hahaha!

    daan ka lage sa blog ko ha!

  4. haha. i think magkakasundo nga tayo, pati sa kalokohan magkakasundo tayo.

    im looking forward sa experiences mo. jeje.